Areas of application


Fr. Sobbe GmbH is a global player in the field of pyrotechnic components for film, television and theater, ignition technology for blasting and demolition companies as well as ignition technology for the determination of explosive parameters. In fact, our founder Friedrich Sobbe who began producing igniters in 1909, would never have envisaged such a large product portfolio as we have today. Today, our extensive portfolio includes explosive detonators, pyrotechnical igniters, mechanical detonators and release/trigger mechanisms, pyrotechnical components, blasting cables and extension wires, plus individual customer-specific solutions. We manufacture all products in house and provide complete solutions from small-scale manufacturing to series manufacturing.

Examples of our range of applications

Igniters and fuseheads

  • Typical applications:
  • Triggers for pyrotechnical effects (film, theatrical and stage effects)
  • Ignition of fireworks
  • Detonation of fuel-powered turbines in rocket propulsion


Mechanical Igniters

  • Ignition of pyrotechnics (e.g. cleaning of blast furnaces)
  • Ignition of shock tubes and safety fuses


Gas generators

  • Typical applications:
  • Releasing a mechanism, e.g. to open valves
  • Extinguishing agent container valves
  • Triggering/release units
  • Flotation devices
  • Inflating structures made of mesh and/or fabric
  • Crushing rock structures


Cable assembly

  • Plug and cable assembly in accordance with customer requirements

Pyrotechnical mechanisms

  • Actuators
  • Disconnecting cables/cords/leads
  • Releasing of valves
  • Belt tensioning systems



  • Typical applications:
  • for blasting techniques to initiate explosives
  • Shear cap to trigger fire extinguishing systems


More examples:

  • Avalanches and ice rock blasting
  • In safety and/or security systems
  • Trigger/release mechanism: removing the protective cover
  • Extinguishing agent release
  • ATMs: protection of banknotes
  • Vehicle safety and security systems
  • Ignition of pyrotechnical effects