Information for the public

in accordance with section 8a of the German Major Accidents Ordinance

If any of the following are perceived:

  • An unusual smell
  • A smoke cloud
  • A loud bang

or information through

  • a notification/notifications by telephone from/in the immediate neighbourhood
  • a siren signal
  • a radio announcement/ announcements

Please observe the following rules of conduct:

  • Stay away from the danger zone
  • Do not use any vehicles
  • Immediately locate a building
  • Bring children indoors
  • Accommodate passers-by and help disabled people
  • Contact your neighbours
  • Close windows and doors and switch off the air conditioning
  • If unfamiliar smells occur, go to an upper floor because gases and vapours are often heavier than air, and then stay on the ground
  • Because of a potential risk of explosion(s), stay away from open fires and refrain from smoking
  • Comply with all instructions from the police and fire services
  • Wait for the all-clear by radio or loudspeaker from the police or fire services

Dear neighbours, ladies and gentlemen

Fr. Sobbe GmbH, headquartered in Dortmund, is a company that produces ignition mechanisms and which has been located at the same site for over 100 years. Our company is specialised in electrical and mechanical ignitors for film and television, plus defence, pyrotechnic and laboratory appropriate release mechanisms and special equipment. By reclassifying chemical substances which we use at our company, this operating range is subject to the German Major Accidents Ordinance (12th regulation on the implementation of the German Federal Immissions Control Act).

The legislature has established a set of regulations using the German Federal Immissions Control Act (BImSchG) and the German Major Accidents Ordinance (12th BImSchV), which commits the industry to safe working practices. The German Major Accidents Ordinance contains the commitment to appropriately inform the public, in addition to regulations to prevent or limit accidents and to document all safety measures.

Safety during production at Fr. Sobbe GmbH is our top priority. Legislature defines accidents as occurrences such as emissions, a fire or an explosion that can lead to hazards to humans or the environment.

The following provides information about the technical and organisational measures we have taken to prevent accidents or limit their effects. If you have any questions, write to us or call us.

Dipl. Ing. Peter Hauser
Managing Director

What do we do to avoid accidents?

All installations are continuously tested and approved by the competent authorities (Arnsberg District Government, Department 55.1 OSH, and Arnsberg District Government, Department 53, immission control) according to the statutory regulations. These permits incorporate all environmental and safety-related aspects, such as installation safety, occupational safety, air quality management and water pollution control, plus waste prevention, recycling and disposal.

The following safety aspects must be observed to prevent accidents: 

  • Hazardous substances will be – if possible – replaced by others with a lower risk potential and the remaining quantities reduced to the absolute minimum.
  • The safety systems have a multi-stage design.
  • The installations are operated, maintained and tested by fully-qualified and regularly trained personnel.
  • The installations are regularly checked by external experts
  • A permanently manned call-out service
  • Operational alarm and hazard prevention plans coordinated with the authorities.

If an accident occurs despite all technical and organisational protective measures, the release of toxic and caustic substances is a potential danger in addition to fires and explosions. In such a case, effects outside of the factory premises also cannot be completely ruled out depending on the nature of the accident.

These compounds may be explosive, highly or extremely flammable (e.g. acetone, zirconium powder), very toxic or toxic, (e.g. barium peroxide) or have specific health-damaging properties, e.g. carcinogens, teratogens or mutagens, or certain hazardous effects, e.g. severely hazardous to water (e.g. lead nitrate).


What effects can an accident have?

The following can occur:

  • An unusual smell
  • A smoke cloud
  • A loud bang
  • Property damage, and soil and water contamination or air pollution

The latter can also cause health problems, such as irritation to the eyes and respiratory passages or headaches and nausea.


How are accidents reported?

Events such as major operating errors or accidents are reported to:

  • Dortmund City Fire Service
  • the competent police station
  • Arnsberg District Government, Department 55.1
  • Arnsberg District Government, Department 53


The population will be informed by the operator, fire service or the police.

Depending on the extent, external emergency services are requested in accordance with the rules laid down in the hazard prevention plan for accidents.


Conduct in the event of an accident

All information about how you as a neighbour or employee are kept informed and must behave in the event accidents are in the notes below. When accidents occur, pay attention to all loudspeaker announcements from the police and fire services. They provide information about the measures taken and provide guidance on proper behaviour. Stay away from the danger zone and keep roads and paths free for the emergency services. Comply with all instructions from the police and fire services! Bring your children indoors and help disabled and elderly people! Close windows and doors and switch off the ventilation or air conditioning! Also bear this in mind if you are in a car! Notify neighbours and passers-by. Only leave the building once the all-clear has been given.


Tune the radio to:

  • WDR2 (UKW/FM 100.4 MHz)
  • Radio 100% Dortmund (UKW/FM 91.2 MHz)

Call the usual emergency numbers in emergencies only:  

  • 110 – police
  • 112 – emergency medical services and fire service


Name of the operator and details of the location

  • Fr. Sobbe GmbH
    Beylingstraße 59
    44329 Dortmund

A certified company in accordance with quality standard EN ISO 9001:2015.


Name of the person who gives information during normal business hours:

  • Herr Eisenhuth
    Tel. : 0231/230560
    Fax : 0231/238488