The company

for the production of detonators

Sobbe has always been listed in connection with the highest quality of igniters and ignition mechanisms.

Fr. Sobbe GmbH with its headquarters in Dortmund is a midsized company with an average of 30 employees. The professional orientation of Fr. Sobbe GmbH has been the production of electrical igniters for over 100 years.

Our guiding principle

Individual. Specialised. Innovative.

This is our future. We try to meet all of the demands of our customers and we are a dedicated and competent partner. All employees are committed in their fields of activity and in return we provide future job security.

Our motto

Igniting Quality

Our vision: By implementing our claim of being
"Individual. Specialised. Innovative."
, we are able to realise our strategy “VISION GREEN" - the whole transformation of the company to create environmentally friendly and resource-efficient products and processes by 2025.

Our Philosophy

is based on the following five foundation pillars

1. Safety First

To ensure safety we take security measures and promote safety-consciousness among our employees. Our customers can also rely on our products as having the highest safety standards.

2. High Quality

As a responsible partner we aim to maintain high standards in our production process as well as in our products. “Igniting Quality.”

3. Continuous communication

We conduct communicate openly and reliably with both our staff and customers, enabling us to remain transparent.

4. Fair treatment

We ensure our employees permanent employment and fair conditions. We also treat our customers very fairly, such as fair and transparent price policies.

5. Innovative technology

Sobbe is a future-orientated company which is continually developing production lines and products.

Our high-quality performance and services

are well worth discovering

Fr. Sobbe GmbH – Igniting Quality.

Our top priority is to advise our customers on ordering the correct products.
Please call us or send us your product enquiries by email.

Certificate for the management system
in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

Scope: The development, production and sales of electrical detonators, mechanical detonators, pyrotechnic components, blasting cables, extension wires and rock-breaking cartridges

Certificate for quality assurance in accordance with Module D, Directive 2013/29/EU